Comfort zones

Last week in Kauai I attended an event where I had a chance to look at my comfort zone and how it tricks me in to staying where I am. Staying where it feels is safe.  It views anything new as bad of dangerous and the familiar no matter haw dangerous as safe.  It tricks us into going for instant gratification instead of discomfort. You want to get in shape but it hurts to work out and that comfort food would be so good right now.  I would like to build my business but it is uncomfortable talking to people and I don’t like rejection and I get a happy feeling ready great quotes on Facebook.   I should be working but I put it off by helping someone today and justify it with I am such a good person I don’t have time to do my work. It is all a trick to keep us from growing and doing what would change my life and move me forward.  On my way home Monday there was a man on the bridge sitting on the rail ready to jump. I had the thought that it is easier for him to jump and end his life. Self pity and depression is familiar and more comfortable then asking for help and change.  I don’t know how it ended there were officers on the scene keeping traffic moving but I learned a lot from this man on how I avoid change, rejection, asking for help  and going after what I really want by going for instant gratification of staying in my comfort zone and what I know even if it is killing me.

Today I make a commitment to go for what I want . To be willing to be uncomfortable now and stretch to get what I want later.  Feel the pain and discomfort now and know the rewards will come.


I am the kind of person that gets what I want.

When I think of something I want I go after it.  First I think about it and really build the desire. Then I think of how I could get it and build the belief I can get it. Once I have build a strong belief I can get it and a plan I work toward it. Funny how many time it does not come in the way I plan. Sometimes it shows up in a whole different way that is much easier then I had planed.  The important thing it once I build the desire, belief and work toward it it always shows up. Looking back on my life it always has.  Usually much faster and easier then I expected.  Today I am inspired to dream bigger and really spread my wings and go for some big goals. So here is to a new life with many exciting adventurers ahead.  One of my dreams is a bought to come true.  I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but have never gotten around to it and now I am going next month. Supper excited and I am bring my beautiful wife Royceann.  Life is wonderful. Miracle are happening all around me now.  Next I am going to set my sights on a new piece of land and building a new home.  I can see it now and it is going to be beautiful.  I want a few hundred acres in the country to have solitude and build my little kingdom.  The next few years are going to be good.

Stop Defending

Stop Defending.

This was a powerful insight for me to look at how much energy I wast defending who and what I am. Defending decisions I have made, things I have, where I life and what I do.  This week I choose to live defenseless. To just be and be happy and accept life as it is and not care what anyone else thinks. The most powerful insight was how much I defend myself from myself.  How much I judge and criticize myself.   Why did you do that? What was you thinking? When are you going to learn? Or judging what someone else could be thinking.  When I stop and listen to all the noise in my head and all the voices it can be alarming. Judgement about everything and with a judgement come a defense.  So much brain power just being wasted on stressing myself out.  So it is time to let it all go. Time to be still and be at peace with the silence. To calm the voices in my head and find peace in the stillness and a connection to something greater then myself.  To find love and my gifts.  This week when I hear myself judging I will stop and instead of criticizing defending I will love.  I will love myself and everyone else. I will look for the good and accept with joy and opened arms. How is this going to better my life?


Week 24 of the Master Key

Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thought.

This has been a good week for me. I have been clearing out garbage and cutting ties that do not serve me. In watching my thoughts I have found some people and things are toxic and do not serve me. part of claiming the life I want is letting go of things I don’t want and hold me down. Having someone hanging out complaining and hoping the world ends soon when I am working does not help productivity.  So this week is about asking for what I want and setting boundaries.  I have hurt some feelings but that is okay because I am going somewhere. I plan to enjoy my life and live in abundance. One of the hard things for me was letting go of responsibility for everyone else. Feeling guilty for doing well when others are suffering.  Wanting to bring others with me.  Can’t you see you are unhappy? I had to except this is my journey and my time. Their journey and their time is up to them and I got to let it go.  I am letting go of fear and holding to faith.  Faith that there is a better way to live. Faith that there is abundance for all. Faith that the best way to serve is to live my dream, to create abundance and power.   To inspire other to follow when they are ready.  It feels empowering to speak my truth and be decisive about what I want and where I am going.  Here is to the wonderful adventure to come.

Week 23 of the Master Key.

Today I am master of my emotions .

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labors.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel incompetent I will remember past success.

If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.

I have been reading this and applying it to my life.  It is powerful to know I can choose my thoughts with my actions.  Do the thing and you shall have the power. Taking action and change the way I feel.  Now I ask a few questions. What am I feeling? Do I like it?  Why do I feel it?  What can I do to improve it?

Aurora my 3 year old daughter just came and wanted me to snuggle her because she is sad. I ask her what makes her happy when she is sad. She said chocolate and snuggles.  I think I need more chocolate and snuggles in my life.  I really should spend more time with her. I will visualize us playing together more.    Well I am going to go get my snuggles in and enjoy time with my girls.  My girls are the the love of my life. My precious  little angels

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Week 22 of the Master Key.

Oh what a beautiful week this has been.  Lots of diversity in the weather and life.  We have had nice sunny day and ice storms and down right freezing day.  All part of the fun of living in the wonderful Midwest.  Here you never know what you are going to get. Much like life and the best thing you can do is wake up and say oh what a beautiful day I live it.  Enjoy the little things like making a snowman or scraping the ice off the car of staying home because it is to icy to drive. Maybe life give us little storms like a sick family member, a slow business or someone is mad and taking it out toward you. So what life is still beautiful. Detours happen and it is an adventure. Love it. I say to myself  oh this should be interesting. I have never gone this way/ done this before. I love it. What can I learn.   I love watching my little 3 year old daughter because everything is an adventure, a discovery and she is so excited.  Oh my gosh it is to icy for mommy and daddy to go to work! What are we going to do?  Life is going by so fast and we can never get back a day, hour or minute that goes by. Enjoy every one for what it is.  Love it and make it an adventure.    I am thankful for the negative complaining miserable people in my life.   Always complain about everything. They show me what I don’t want. They show me what I will get if I feed that negative thought that keep trying to get in.  If I complain and criticize like them I will get their life. I see the fruit their thinking produces and it warns me to watch my every thought.  I can think anything I want but the fruit will always follow. Today I choose happy healthy and gratitude.

Week 21 of the Master Key.

Today I feel blank. It was a long day and I am tired. I wanted to get something out on here tonight but not feeling very inspired. My word in the Franklin make over this week is persistence.  So this is me persisting and doing what I said I would do even when I am tired and uninspired. It is bitter cold and snowy here today and my day felt like trudging through deep snow all day. Work was putting out fires and fixing problem and helping people that were in need. Even my reading felt like a slow boring chore today. However there is something to just keep going even when I are tired and want to stop that energizes me. I will persist I will move forward and everyday I get closer to my goals.  Nothing is free hard work is required for anything of value. I did get a lot done today and problem solved and I am grateful for all the help I received. this right now is me doing my work and not putting it off another day because I do not procrastinate and leave things to my future self. I do today what needs to be done today.  I think tomorrow I will take some time off and play in the snow with my girls. Maybe build a snowman.  i am excited to see my life changing and moving forward. life is wonderful.  Peace out and sweet dreams. Never stop moving forward. Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  Happy _n